onsdag den 28. marts 2012

Flower Stickers

A couple of American friends got me hooked on scrapbooking last year. It's a wonderful way of preserving memories, and I love how you can give your trip or special occasion exactly the setting you want to. I quickly discovered a problem, though.

Since scrapbooking is not a very popular hobby in Denmark, finding the right materials is a challenge. Once you've made an album or two with the same paper and embellishments from Karen Marie-Klip, you're kind of over it. The cool stuff is imported from the US and as a result incredibly expensive - ordering it online from US yourself is just as expensive.

So I thought that it was worth it to try making some of my own. I started with something safe - flowers. I got a couple of punchers, some paper, adhesives, and rhinestones.

The flowers have many uses.



These are - ironically enough - for an American friend's New Orleans scrap album

If you're not up for making them yourself, I sell them on Etsy. You can request custom orders in the menu to the left.

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