tirsdag den 18. december 2012

Gift Tags

Making your own gift tags is easy. I've used a flower punch and made some tags from scrapbook paper. Dead easy but more personal than what you buy at the store. 

torsdag den 11. oktober 2012


I saw this amazing tutorial one day and decided to try my hand at bookbinding. It's so much fun and extremely easy to make some really personal books. I'm planning to give away a few for Christmas.


I pretty much use whatever patchwork fabric and scrapbooking paper I have. Old ribbons and stickers. For the blue one beneath, I actually used part of the dress my grandma wore for her birthday 22 years ago. So it's very easy to make them personal.

Apple Tea Light Holders

I saw this somewhere once - on Pinterest maybe, I can't remember - and then last weekend when I was suddenly in a bind concerning table decorations, I thought of it. Luckily I'd just picked apples, so it was easy just to make holes for the tea lights. Very fitting for a fall time dinner table.

Owl Hat

I found a cute crochet owl hat pattern online, but when I tried it out, it didn't make sense. Or I didn't make sense. Not sure which. So I developed my own. Kind of. I made this, but I didn't write it down. The old of-course-I-can-remember-this-later issue. LOL But at least I got this little cutie out of it.

I could make it once, so I can make it again, right? 

onsdag den 28. marts 2012

Flower Stickers

A couple of American friends got me hooked on scrapbooking last year. It's a wonderful way of preserving memories, and I love how you can give your trip or special occasion exactly the setting you want to. I quickly discovered a problem, though.

Since scrapbooking is not a very popular hobby in Denmark, finding the right materials is a challenge. Once you've made an album or two with the same paper and embellishments from Karen Marie-Klip, you're kind of over it. The cool stuff is imported from the US and as a result incredibly expensive - ordering it online from US yourself is just as expensive.

So I thought that it was worth it to try making some of my own. I started with something safe - flowers. I got a couple of punchers, some paper, adhesives, and rhinestones.

The flowers have many uses.



These are - ironically enough - for an American friend's New Orleans scrap album

If you're not up for making them yourself, I sell them on Etsy. You can request custom orders in the menu to the left.